13th Magazine
Publication Layout and Design
13th Magazine is a proposed general interest magazine that touches on many different subjects and topics all unified in tone. It is smart, poignant, funny, true, helpful, socially aware, and content driven. The magazine avoids political issues and serves as a unifying publication for a disjointed generation with a myriad of interests. The publication appears in both print and electronic formats. It features articles, short stories, poetry, and in-depth reporting on a multitude of topics. It does patronize, but rather feature content in an honest, straightforward voice.
 The 13th is a magazine for men and women age 30 to 45, members of the intellectual Generation-X; the 13th generation since the founding of the Union. They are educated, make an average of $50,000 annually and have a |variety of interests. They are readers looking for substance over fluff. The design approach to the magazine embraces a dichotomy of form and pairs conservative columnist layout with dramatic, visually engaging features. The layout takes advantage of full bleed images and an integration of digital enhancement.
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